Visual Design plays a significant role in the curriculum by providing specialised learning opportunities to enable students to understand and explore the nature of visual design as a constantly changing field of artistic practice, conceptual knowledge, material and textual appearances.  


In Visual Design at DHSVAD students develop and enjoy practical and conceptual autonomy as a visual designer in the making of visual design works using a range of digital processes, exploring graphic design, typography, poster design, object design, installation and lighting design,  jewellery / wearables/ fashion, designed environments and architecture.


Students learn about design history and criticism as well as making. Students maintain a design journal and present resolved work in a digital or hard-copy portfolio.  

Visual Design is an elective subject in  Years 9-11

Years 9-11

 Vivid Sydney 2018 Proposal by Natasha Year 9:


'As a train pulls into the station, the tactile carpet will light up with bright displays of colour. Each individual plastic tile will be illuminated with 3 small LED lights. The lights will be the same shape as the regular tactile, however, each will be made of a strong transparent plastic. 

ʻLighten Upʼ can display messages of welcome in any language and safety warnings along with various light patterns. These lights will brighten the Circular Quay station platforms and can be walked on without any difficulty.'