"As an ArtStream student, the best part is getting to learn with other students who genuinely have an appreciation for Visual Arts... the other students get it when you discuss art ideas. There are also lots of opportunities to work with artists and visit galleries"
Year 8 ArtStream student, 2016

Visual Arts is mandatory for all Year 7 and 8 students in NSW

Visual Arts is an elective subject in  Years 9-12

At DHSVAD Art Stream students are offered a place based on their interview and portfolio.

Visual Arts is highly valued at DHSVAD. As a school, we understand that the study of Visual Arts allows students to become self motivated and active learners who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understandings needed to be successful in a world that is increasingly mediated by imagery and visual forms of communication and also highly values innovation. 

Year 7 & 8

The Mandatory Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) course provides opportunities for students to explore the Visual Arts in complex and rich ways. In Stage 4 students work with:

  • ceramics,

  • a range of 2D materials including paint, pencil and charcoal,

  • stop-motion animation,

  • sculpture and assemblage,

  • and also digital technology such as Photoshop and other editing programs.  


Year 7 Art stream students participate in ARTMonth and exhibit works created under the tutelage of our visiting artists in Term 1. They also visit the Archibald Prize and exhibit their own portraits in the Seaview Gallery as part of our annual 'Dully Archies' competition in Term 2.

ArtStream students in Year 8 commence work on their own self-directed project with the support and guidance of their art teacher. These works are exhibited at Seaview Gallery in term 4. ArtStream students also attend an overnight excursion to Canberra to visit the National Gallery of Australia and Portrait Gallery and participate in artmaking workshops. 

Year 9 & 10

The Elective Stage 5 course (Years 9 and 10) provides students with further opportunities to investigate practice in Visual Arts and its contribution to creative and interpretive achievements. Students have the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the field of art through their critical and historical studies and work in a range of forms including:

  • printmaking,

  • ceramics,

  • paint,

  • digital photography,

  • architecture and model making.

  • Students continue to develop their technical skills in drawing at every stage. 

Stage 5 students have many opportunities to work with professional artists and industry experts through our association with i-Manifest, in workshops during ARTMonth and on annual excursions. Students exhibit their self-directed project at the end of year 9 and year 10. 

Year 11 & 12

Students may elect to study Visual Arts in Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) having studied Visual Arts, Photographic and Digital Media or Visual Design in Stage 5, or with no prior experience. The knowledge, understanding, skills and values gained from studying Visual Arts at a senior level assist students in building conceptual and practical skills. Students’ critical skills – analysis, reflection, judgement and appreciation of the visual arts and the world – can be lead to careers and further study in a range of fields including but not limited to Art, Architecture, Advertising, Communications, all forms of Design, Film / Television, Digital Media / Marketing, Galleries / Museums etc.

Senior Studio Spaces


In keeping with our value of studio practice, and reflecting the model of tertiary institutions, Year 12 students at DHSVAD are provided independent studio spaces to develop their body of work. Senior ArtStream students also have the opportunity to travel to Europe to take a tour of major galleries and exhibitions including attending the Venice Biennale.