Above image taken while several PDM students were completing work with with I-Manifest in 2017


Years 9-11

The broad areas of photography and digital media as print, interactive and moving forms are extremely relevant and of fundamental interest to students. Much of their knowledge of the world and their notions of cultural and self-identity come from the photographic and digital images that permeate the visual arts and design, television, film, video, internet, mass media and multimedia.


The Stage 5  and 6 courses build on the Stage 4 Visual Arts mandatory course. It allows opportunities for students to investigate photographic and digital media in greater depth and breadth than through the Visual Arts elective course. 

Students investigate the ways in which these fields of artistic practice have evolved and been utilised over the 20th century and into the 21st century. Practice within the school context is intended to approximate practice used in the contemporary world by artists, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, animators and critics who provide real-world models for learning and make available career options to students.

In PDM students explore:

  • Darkroom techniques and printing

  • Digital imaging

  • Film making from concept through to resolved work. Year 9 and 10 students are encouraged to enter a range of film competitions including our school film festival - Live it, Create it and a range of state and national events including  the Screen It competition.

  • The history of photography and digital media

  • Animation

  • Photomontage

  • Web design for Photography and Film

  • Themes such as Portraiture, Surrealism, Objects, Landscape and Street Photography and much more...

Photographic and Digital Media is an elective subject in  Years 9-11

Film Making
SLR Camera
Video and Film
Year 9 PDM students
Flyer for the New Beginnings Festiva
Inspired by Olive Cotton
Mali in I-Manifest Photo-shoot