Students elect to study NEO courses in Years 8-10 in addition to their Visual Arts studies. 

The following courses are taught by the Visual Arts staff. 

Film / Video Production

Film / Video Production Video and Film production offers students the opportunity to explore contemporary practices that make use of video, digital imaging and moving images. Film / Video production also offers opportunities for students to investigate the pervasiveness of these fields in the contemporary world of visual arts and design, television, film, video, advertising and the mass media. Students will explore the technological, artistic and theoretical nature of video and film production.


Cartooning and Animation Develop skills in drawing characters, developing a narrative, layout techniques, visual-verbal storytelling, creation of gifs and animation. Through exploring contemporary and historical examples of cartooning such as manga, anime and western cartoon history, students will develop their own conceptual and critical skills. Students create original Zines for sale at the MCA Zine Fair and a range of other hand drawn and digital cartoons.

NEO Jewellery

Jewellery Explore the innovative practice of contemporary Australian jewellers. Students will develop an understanding of conceptual jewellery practice and create jewellery pieces that tell stories and communicate ideas.


Wearables The aim of the course is to introduce students to the world of wearable art in its many possibilities including high fashion, street fashion, costume and body adornment. The course will allow students to approach the concept and making of their wearable art with creative, expressive, and imaginative solutions. Students will learn to think creatively and solve problems in producing for an authentic purpose or event.


Ceramics Students will learn a range of practical fundamental ceramic skills to enable them to make a range of ceramic utilitarian and sculptural products. They will gain an understanding of design and manufacture a variety of pieces using ceramic techniques. Students will use use their imagination and creativity to produce interesting artworks, including an installation within the school.